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Shecky's Girls Night Out Chicago

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If you are not familiar with Shecky's Girls Night Out, then you should be.  It's a fun shopping experience for all women to enjoy.  My first Shecky's event was about 4 years ago and I loved it.  As a matter of fact, I still receive compliments on the handbag I purchased back then.

The concept is simple: Shecky's chooses up-and-coming fashion, beauty, and lifestyle proprietors to takeover a popular and easily accessible venue in a major metropolitan city for up to two evenings.  The space is designed to feel like a party with branded signage, colorful décor, upbeat music, an open bar, and their signature Goodie Bags for guests.  Back in the day, general admission was free but now the entry fee is around $15.

Yesterday, Shecky's descended on the Great Hall at Union Station in Chicago along with hundreds of local fashionistas looking for good deals or unique finds.  I was happy to be in the mix!  From the handbags, to the skin care products, to the jewelry, the vendors did not disappoint.  Oh, but wait...there were freshly baked Guilty Pleasurez cupcakes too!! I couldn't resist the red velvet. Yum!

I love how Shecky's provides a forum for existing and burgeoning female entrepreneurs to be successful - both the vendors and the guests.  For example, Jockey sold clothing at Shecky's but also introduced their new Person-to-Person initiative.  It provides women with the opportunity to sell Jockey clothing at privately hosted events with friends or family and then earn a percentage of their sales.  This sales model is not new, but I'm only familiar with makeup companies like Mary Kay Cosmetics or jewelry companies like Stella & Dot offering women these type of business opportunities. Kudos to Jockey for starting this trend in women's apparel. 

I encourage you to Follow or Like Shecky's, so you will know when they are coming to (or near) your city and you may receive advance notice of discounts.      

Below are pix from my Shecky's experience. There was lots of girl power in the atmosphere!



Rolled solo to the event
Top-BCBG, Jeans - Charlotte Russe, Watch - Vintage 

But clearly, I wasn't alone.  
Everyone and their mother was representing yesterday.

A $250 Gift Certificate was up for grabs at Jockey.

I bought this wicked clutch laden with pearls and crystals from Betty, the owner of FLY2BUY. Betty finds haute accessories during her travels as a flight attendant and then sells them for reasonable prices at events like Shecky's. Isn't that cool?

Cute clutch bags made from bamboo courtesy of Five Accessories.
They also sell accessories made from recycled materials.  
If you're down for sustainability and fair trade while staying fashion forward, 
then you should definitely check them out.

Handmade candles, anyone?  
Soyful Fragrant Candles smell wonderful and are made from soybean plants, which burn cleaner and longer than traditional candles. They have a ton of scents to choose from and some of the name are hilarious like Butt Naked. Ha!

If you need some dating advice or know someone who does,
 you may want to check out Rachel DeAlto's book Flirt Fearlessly.
She sold and signed books during the event. 

Tracey Glover is the founder and creator of Guilty Pleasurez Cocktail Cupcakes.
We met last year, so it was great to reconnect with her again.
I'm smiling from ear-to-ear, because I can't wait to tear into the red velvet cupcake that I'm holding. You already know how I roll, so this one was actually non-alcoholic.☺ 

Racheal Kash, founder of Lulu Blossom, makes her skincare products from natural ingredients. I'm going to sample some of her line and post a product review very soon.

I think I'm feeling these bright blue feathered earrings!! What do you guys think?!  
Well, Nicole Harry of Nicole Designs All is rocking a shorter purple version. She designs these wonderful creations as well as non-feathered accessories like rings & bracelets with semi-precious stones. 

Maybelline co-sponsored the event and provided makeovers to many of the attendees.

Ran into friend and fellow blogger, Dee Dee of The Sassy Peach.


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